Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What is your Dream? #BubblesBeyondBorders

On August 16th, millions of women and girls from around the world will gather together in their local communities for the radical act of naming and claiming their own dreams.

From South Africa to The United States, from Bahrain to Australia - we are planning rallies all over the world, with the goal of having gatherings in every major city.

Join individuals, organisations and activists who will take to the streets on August 16th at 1pm local time to blow bubbles for a powerful purpose – to pledge an action in support of girls and women’s rights and dreams around the world.

  • the right to respect
  • the right to an innocent childhood
  • the right to an education
  • the right to express themselves
  • the right to independence 
  • the right to choose their own partners
  • the right to equal pay
  • the right to protection under the law
  • the right to vote, and participate in government
Bubbles Beyond Borders is a global campaign to support the dreams of women around the world. Please get involved and help us take this to the next level!

To become a team leader in your state or province, contact Bubbles Beyond Borders

You can participate NOW by taking a photo of yourself or your daughter, granddaughter, deice and/or friends blowing bubbles with a short written description of your dreams and your location. Post them at Bubbles Beyond Borders.

Please support our work by sharing posts using the hashtag #bubblesbeyondborders and liking the Facebook page. There is also a list of things you can do to help.

Please share this post with every woman you know!

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