Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How to do a HERstory Project with your daughter

Creating a HERstory project with your daughter is simple.  It will create lasting memories that will make an enormous difference in both your lives. And, it is something you can do over and over again!

Here are some suggested steps.  You can make your project as simple or elaborate as you want.

Step 1:

Pick out a book.  There are many more resources available today than ever before.  The Amelia Bloomer Project publishes a yearly list of feminist books for girls. You can find age-appropriate books on Harriet TubmanMalala YousafzaiSusan B. AnthonySally Ride and many other women!

There are also anthologies available, such as Girls Who Rocked the World - that are filled with about 50 different women.

Step 2: Chose a She-roe.

It may take a few books to find a woman your daughter identifies with.  If you are still reading together, wait to see the light shine in her eyes - or for her to keep asking questions and say, "WOW!!"

Step 3: Allow your daughter to interpret her She-roe

Depending on your daughter's age and reading level, allow her to either draw a picture of what she read about, write a short paragraph, or read several books and compose her own essay about the woman.

Step 4: Share!!

Hang up the original artwork somewhere prominent in your home so your daughter can share it with guests.

Scan her essay or picture and  share it via email or social media with friends and family members.

And please, send it to us too so we can publish her work. Our goal is to have submissions from girls as young as 5 from all over the world!  You can send your contribution to HERstory to

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