Thursday, March 20, 2014

4,000 years of Uppity Women

Vicki León is the author of a series of inspiring books about "Uppity Women" through the ages. Engaging and humorous, as well as enlightening, the series has sold over 350,000 copies. All of the books are based on her meticulous research, yet it seems so very wrong to call them "HIS-torical."

Her newest book, 4000 Years of Uppity Women, is a rollicking, 238-page compendium (which) contains the true tales of irrepressible women of long ago who broke all kinds of barriers. They invented. They created. They cured. They ran cities and businesses, bankrolled charities and religions. Some defied racism to become activists. Some defied society to become pirates. Chosen from the best and boldest female achievers in her four-book Uppity Women series, time-traveling author Vicki León takes you from ancient Egypt, Asia, and Europe through medieval and Renaissance times, then surveys gals in the Old and New Worlds from the colonial era through the late 1800s.

Renaissance Faire founder, Phyllis Patterson, says "The Uppity Women books have a grand sense of history -- and a grand sense of humor."

And author, Riane Eisler, who coined the term, "dominator culture," and is known for her exploration of the partnership versus domination models,   notes that Vicki "brings women to life in ways that make us understand their great courage and ingenuity in a time when male dominance and barbarity were the order of the day." 


Shared with permission of   - you can read the full interview with Vicki Leon on opednews.

4000 Years of Uppity Women is available at Barnes & Noble.

Vicki Leon's website is here.

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