Friday, March 14, 2014

Women's history month

How beautiful it is to be a woman! This month marks Women's History month and as I think of all the selfless contributions women have made since the beginning of time, it really brings so much joy to my very being. I wrote a piece about a year or so ago about the strength that we possess as women; there is an undying spark within our hearts that refuses to go out no matter what. I think of Frida Kahlo, whose body became broken but her spirit would not falter; she continued to create her mystical art, even from her bedside. I think of Biddy Mason, an African American midwife, who refused to allow slavery keep her from living her life and moved to California to purchase property and be free.

We have fought our way to the top and continue to do so. "I have a theory, but actually in my eyes, it's a fact and that is women are among the most strongest beings on Earth!" How is it that we can be at our weakest point yet still have strength to carry on? We were meant to be strong, that is why. We are continuing to write our stories and telling the stories of women from the past, paving the way for our girls to become just as strong, if not stronger. Each year, Women's history month will be celebrated and embraced for what it is by more people. Our contributions can no longer be pushed to the side, they are meant to be celebrated each and every day, for each day some woman somewhere contributes her own special gifts to this world and they will be recorded in Her(story)!

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