Saturday, November 15, 2014

Max Dashu: Suppressed Histories Archives

"The work that Max is doing is crucial to the restoration of women to cultural memory. She founded the Suppressed Histories Archives in 1970 to research and document women’s history from an international perspective. With over 15,000 slides and 100 slideshows on female power and heritages transhistorically, Max is bridging the gap between academia and grassroots education. She has presented at libraries, universities and conferences all over the world.

Max is also known for her expertise on ancient female iconography in world archaeology, goddess traditions, witches and witch hunts, and women shamans. She has done extensive research on mother-right cultures, patriarchies and the origins of domination. Her work foregrounds indigenous women passed over by standard histories and highlights female spheres of power retained even in patriarchal societies.

History has been largely written by men, for men; but it is women like Max who are dedicated, committed and passionate about women’s rights and issues who are helping to bring about the much needed changes and to also remind us of the physical, political, social and spiritual power we as women have held throughout history. This is certainly not the history you get taught at school. It’s essential that the history of women is reclaimed and remembered."

Jassy Watson wrote about some of Max's Australian tour on Feminism and Religion.

Max is planning a tour of the NW (Canada/U.S.) in March 2015 for Women's History Month.  Contact Max for more details.  I will post a schedule here when it has been finalized, but you can also follow her schedule and find out about online courses on her website.

And, please support the archives through a donation if you can.

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