Thursday, March 26, 2015

Who Was Susan B. Anthony?

This has been one of my very favorites in this series. The friendship between Susan and Elizabeth Cady Stanton is truly touching. More so was the scene recreated of Susan's death:

"Susan began to speak the names of women she had known. Some Mary recognized as family. Some Anna knew as fellow suffragists. Some were people known only to Susan. "They all seemed to file past her dying eyes that day in an endless, shadowy review," Anna Shaw said later, "and as they went by she spoke to each of them."
Susan lay her cheek on Anna's hand. "I know how hard they have worked, she said. "I know the sacrifices they have made."
With that she closed her eyes. On Tuesday, March 13, 1906, Susan B. Anthony died.
She never lives to see women get the right to vote. But the amendment she had fought so hard for became law on August 18th, 1920."
Who Was Susan B. Anthony?      
Pamela D. Pollack (Author), Meg Belviso (Author), Mike Lacey (Illustrator)

"Susan B. Anthony may be an international icon but her campaign for women’s rights had personal roots. Working as a school teacher in New York, Anthony refused to settle for less pay than her male colleagues which ignited her lifelong devotion to women’s equality. Anthony toured the United States and Europe giving speeches and publishing articles as one of the most important advocates of women’s rights. Learn more about the woman behind the movement in Who Was Susan B. Anthony?"

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