Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Thin Wall’ Puts People’s Stories at Forefront of History

"Mara Ahmed, a Rochester-based filmmaker, has a small but notably socially conscious list of works. Her latest film, A Thin Wall, debuted at The Little Theatre in Rochester on April 10th.

A Thin Wall is a documentary about the partition of the British Indian Empire in 1947 which created the Hindu state of India and the Muslim state of Pakistan. The film is told through the dual perspectives of Indian and Pakistani people who lived through partition and current citizens of both countries who are affected by it today.

The film stands as testament to that trying sentiment of social critics that the past should not be forgot, lest we repeat its tragedies. Opting for a more authentic take on the event as opposed to a historical retelling, its acutely personal approach delves well below the major names of well-known political figures and religious divisions into what continues to be a scarring, more intimate reminder in the daily life of both Pakistanis and Indians, many of whom themselves own the memories of partition.

Through its personal stories, artwork and animation, Mara Ahmed’s A Thin Wall is a moving, thoughtful addition to the stories of refugees and immigrant communities throughout the melting pot of the United States. It provides a refreshing, organic look at history how it was lived by its actual witnesses as opposed to being told in a more traditional fashion by third parties focusing exclusively on notable social movements and leaders."

Read the entire article by by Derek Scarlino here.

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