Monday, November 16, 2015

It is Re-membering that makes it Real - Mary Daly

"To all the women who quietly made history.”

You may forget but
Let me tell you
this:someone in
some future time
will thing of us. -Sappho
We witness the phenomenon of re-discover over and over again. Matilda Joslyn Gage, who was erased by her contemporaries, towers as an intellectual giant over meanspirited “sisters.” The works of Virginia Woolf, who was driven to suicide by the oppressors of her Life, Live Now.

Our knowledge that we are creating great Memories of the Future becomes more substantial, more real, as we come to recognize who we are and the value of what we are doing. As we Realize our Genius and grow in Self-confidence we can know the value of our work to Future Foresisters and therefore be invigorated and spurred on to Hopeful, Courageous, Creative work Now.

The better we can Re-member our history, the better we can provide for our Future Foresisters. And our anticipation of their Future Thriving draws us forward.

The better we know who we are, the greater can be our Leaps. The doors are open. We ourselves have been opening them. We have only to remove the blinders imposed in the pseudoworld of the foreground to See that these Future Women are Here Now. Not only do the treasures of our own creation attract us. They attract the Future Foresisters who receive the Memories of the Future we have created. Mutual Magnetic attraction brings us together.

This is indeed Intergalactic Travel. It is Transtemporal Diaspora that transforms foreground temporal diaspora. Our Exile, Scattering, and Migration create an Outsiders' Society that is outside anything imaginable to be microscopic/telescopic re(visionaries. And it is Re-membering that makes it Real.”

-Mary Daly, Quintessence...Realizing the Archaic Future: A Radical Elemental Feminist Manifesto

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  1. I am going to get those tapes to the archive with the best chance of making them accessible where they'll be useful in 2200