Thursday, January 23, 2014

Armenian Genocide - Grandma's Tattoos

"They wanted to hear about the heroes...We sang about them.  But not about how the women were dehumanized. Not about that."

"Grandma's Tattoos" by Suzanne Khardalian.

"An Armenian woman is on a quest to understand what life her grandmother had when she was a child during the Armenian genocide in 1915. This documentary reveals a living piece of history which we don't find in our
schoolbooks and on TV.

This incredible documentary reveals a side of the Armenian genocide that even Armenians don't want to talk about. Interviews with survivors tell us the horrible stories of sexual abuse and slavery.

There shouldn't be a controversy around the nature of the crimes committed by the Ottoman Empire, it was in the full meaning of the term, a "genocide". History should be known so that it's not repeated. The recognition of the genocide by Turkey is as important for Armenians as it is for Turks. Imagine what image Germans would have if they were denying the Holocaust as state policy and they kept streets and statues with the Nazi leaders." via

"The story of those who didn't die -the story of the young women who survived and stayed behind has never been told. Men write down history. So it is with genocide. There is no room for the women. They were impure, tainted and despised.

Yet they were the ones who suffered the most. They the ones who paid the terrible price. They had to carry the heaviest burden of all: they had to regenerate life." -Suzanne Khardalian.

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