Saturday, January 25, 2014

Creativity is bliss

The creative energy of women truly can't be denied. When we set our minds out to pursue a certain goal or make a dream our reality, magic begins to happen! This would be the year that I took my blogging a step further by writing with no inhibitions. I was happy with the blogs I currently had, but not satisfied and there is truly a difference. I wanted to write about my passions as well as my poems, and I wanted to write about our journey as women. I most recently started "Soul Songs" and "One day it all began to make sense to her;" two blogs that would be dedicated to my poems, and topics ranging from sexuality to creativity. I needed to stay afloat as I began to notice this new awareness coming from within. I was hesitant at first to acknowledge that I was holding myself back; however when I made the conscious decision to trust my feelings on this matter; the doors began to open. I felt fear being replaced by confidence, and I knew that I had made the right decision.

Becoming a part of this beautiful space, (Girls Re(write) Her story) showed me that there are indeed exceptional women out there who have written from their hearts; about other women who have left legacies; artists, goddesses, political activists and so many more. There is an awareness going around; the Divine Feminine is realigning herself in the hearts of so many all over the world. So as a response, we are unleashing our creativity without the fear of rejection. We are more than ready to impart what we are learning to the younger generation of girls. We are writing our stories, we are connecting with one another, and we are honoring that sacred part of ourselves. I am very thankful to be a part of this amazing blog and I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts, stories and energy with you!

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