Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sharing our Energy!

I have a vision entailing the coming together of women and young girls from all walks of life to share their gifts and energy. There would be birth-workers; midwives, doulas and mothers to change the way birth is viewed in this country. We would know that birth does not equal fear or a distrust in our abilities, we would embrace the wisdom of something that has been taking place since the beginning of time. There would be storytellers, dream-weavers, and healers to share their mystical visions with us all. Allowing our voices to be heard, our dreams to be shared in a sacred space and our deepest feelings to be nurtured. There would be herbalists, gardeners, and women who could show us all how to use the bounty of Gaia's resources to strengthen our minds, bodies and spirits. Musicians, artists, architects, photographers, dancers, and those who leave an imprint in our hearts through what we see and hear would be in the circle. We would learn from each other and young girls present would start a new pathway for their peers, one without fear. How beautiful would it be to spend sacred time together, reconnecting to our source as women? And to be encouraged by not one but many sisters as we walk together along this pathway called life. 

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