Monday, February 24, 2014

When Rape was no longer socially permissible

“Most probably, it was this recognition of a woman’s rights to sexual fulfillment and choice that made rape no longer socially permissible, even for kings, as it had been even in the Buddhist period. Rapists were regarded with scorn and mistrust. Men were warned against rape, and historical figures, such as kings and nobles who used it as weapons of power but eventually met with tragic ends, were held up as examples of the calamity that struck rapists. Through marriage by social management or abduction was still recognized as valid, the kama sutras focused on courtship—a relatively new concept. Now if a man was interested in a woman, he had to learn to woo her by understanding her, observing her personality as well as her likes and dislikes and watching for signs of interest and consent on her part.” – RitaBanerji on the Golden Period in India from AD 100 to AD 1500, Sex and Power:Defining History, Shaping Societies

This is a fascinating read!

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