Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Why didn't the Million Man March 2015 receive media coverage? An Interview with Khalid Hussein El-Hakim of The Black History 101 Mobile Museum

"Isn’t it interesting that the Million Man March is trending on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and hasn’t received any mainstream media attention." -Khalid Hussein El-Hakim, The Black History 101 Mobile Museum

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Over the weekend an old picture from the original Million Man March was circulating as a current picture from the 20 Year Anniversary March. I chatted with Khalid yesterday on Facebook, where he gave some additional perspective.

Thank you for posting the pictures of the 20 year Anniversary of the Million Man March. Why do you suppose that old picture keeps circulating as a current one? How many people were estimated in attendance this weekend?

Thanks for checking out my pics. I think the old picture is just people being misinformed and ignorant about history If people are intentionally trying to mislead others using those photos from '95 that's just lying to the people about history, which is counterproductive to what the whole Justice or Else theme of the March was about.  One of the biggest reasons I went to DC was to document the event so there would be no question on the beauty, strength, and diversity of this movement. In regards to numbers, I am not really focused on it. But, I would say at least half a million, which to me is a huge success. There has been an intentional media blackout of Minister Farrakhan since the last MMM. They can't stand that he has a broad base of support and influence. He went around the country on his own dime since making the announcement in June that he would be gathering people for the 20th anniversary. So, with absolutely no mainstream press this beyond a success.
I noted that the media seemed to severely under-count the original MMM - and I saw one article today that sort of made it look like not that many people came to the recent MMM.

 I remember people trying to say only 400,000 came out to the first one. Then they said 700,000. But, those pictures from '95 don't lie. If you compare the '95 pics to Barack's inauguration, which they claim was over a million you'll see the MMM was just as large - or larger - I would say.
Also to give a little more perspective the March on Washington in 1963 was only 250K. So its very problematic that the MMM has been written out of the history books and the 20th anniversary will not be written about either. But, that is the burden that I've been given. I'll always will be able to speak about the both of them because I was there. Unfortunately I didn't take one picture at the first one. But, I got this one covered.

All photos by KHALID EL-HAKIM PHOTOGRAPHY (2015) - see more of these amazing photos on Khalid's Facebook page. Khalid also runs The Black History 101 Mobile Museum, which you should definitely check out as well.

Khalid tours the entire U.S. with his amazing collection of Black History, which I have had the privilege of seeing twice with my children. He has been collecting artifacts and Black History for over 20 years. It is a unique experience to touch and feel history in your hands.

While we usually focus on HERstory on this blog, Khalid is documenting the lived experiences of both men and women, which would not likely be heard of otherwise.

Shared with permission of Khalid Hussein El-Hakim.

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