Monday, September 1, 2014

Recreating Herstory by Danica Anderson

"The Bosnian kilms filled with signs, symbolic representations are exactingly shaped like the “Old Europe” Danube signs and scripts some four thousand years old. Yet, I know the Srebrenica widows, who never worked outside the home, learned to drive or finished school or would not have opened a book with the archeological inscriptions. Srebrenica ...widows are teaching me that the past are memories that are not mobile. Since memories are static, memories are easily accessed in the moment, simply by their loom and their survival of war crimes. We see this with Post Traumatic Stress flashbacks of what appears as live memories unwilling to die in those who survive.
At the same time, with the past memories evoked from the air, the Srebrenica widows held a vision of their kilms’ design and ethnochoreology of their grief to view the future as herstory. With each kilm the Srebrenica widows were shifting of the past memories to recreate herstory with a new sense of purposeful meaningful living. In other words, their creative acts of the simple loom will live on long after their deaths. "

-Danica Anderson, Blood & Honey Icons: Biosemiotics & Bioculinary: The Pedagogy of South Slavic Women War

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