Sunday, September 28, 2014

Who Was Anne Frank?

I started this remarkable book with my daughter over the weekend.  I imagine it could be read with parents by children as young as five, and depending on the reading level, enjoyed by girls up to 12 on their own.

My daughter DID not want to read the book, as she didn't know the story behind it. However, as we read it together, the book thoroughly held her attention and her imagination.  She loved that Anne also liked to play pranks - and missed many days of school like her, due to illness.  She found a lot of similarities between herself and Anne Frank.  She enjoyed the maps and information in the book - and was filled with questions about WWI and WWII.

I hope to post more about this later, but I will definitely be looking for more books by this author.  My daughter said, "I love this book!" many times while reading it - which was a first for her.  I have finally found a HERstory (aside from Goddess books, which she also loves) that she can fully identify with and enjoy.

Who Was Anne Frank by Ann Abramson. Illustrated by Nancy Harrison (the illustrations add so much to this detailed account in terms of allowing the child to wrap her head around the story.)

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